About Us

Daisy Sanitary Napkins is a biodegradable sanitary napkin non profit created in 2016. Daisy was originally created with one goal in mind: to ensure that all women from every walk of life have access to menstrual hygiene, and spread awareness regarding menstrual hygiene and women health. A large population of women in Pakistan simply cannot afford sanitary napkins and other tools of menstrual hygiene, or remain hindered from these necessities as well as menstrual education. Daisy saw the need for this and thus, began the process of developing Pakistan’s first biodegradable, disposable, and affordable line of sanitary napkins. By purchasing a pack of Daisy Sanitary Napkins, you are not only helping the environment, but contributing towards helping us provide Daisy napkins to women who cannot afford them, for free. Our line of work thus far has consisted of providing Daisy Sanitary Napkins at menstrual hygiene camps. Ultimately, we strive towards a better Pakistan, where the skies continue to be blue and women continue to be happy – because menstrual hygiene should not be a luxury.