What are Daisy Sanitary Napkins made of?

Daisy Sanitary Napkins are made of cotton that is compostable and absorbent, and does not undergo the rigorous bleaching procedure that other absorbent materials undergo. This prevents the presence of dioxins or toxic compounds like lead. The bottom part is a compostable bioplastic, overall creating a biodegradable, compostable, and disposable sanitary napkin.

Where do Daisy's profits go?

Daisy is a non profit organization. Therefore, all profits from sanitary napkin purchases, as well as donations, go towards providing Daisy Sanitary Napkins to underprivileged and marginalized women at subsidized rates, at various menstrual hygiene camps and drives. 

Why choose Daisy?

By choosing to use Daisy Sanitary Napkins, you are not only making the switch to be more green, but contributing to our movement and goal of increasing access to menstrual hygiene. The sanitary napkins are locally made and manufactured and our material is locally sourced, supporting local industries. Overall, you are contributing to a better Pakistan by producing less waste, and by supporting those in our society that need it most. 

How can we help?

Spread the word about Daisy – tell your friends, family, co-workers, and all the beautiful women you know. Educate yourself on menstruation, its hygiene, and help us bust myths (aka tell your local aunties that it is OK to shower on your period). If you still prefer to use tampons or your other favourite brand of pads but want to support our cause and movement, you can donate by reaching out to us on our social media pages. 

How can we order?

For now, we are only open to Karachi residents. We sell through Davaam, which is directly linked on our home page. We are working on delivering to other cities – stay tuned on our social media for updates!

We are a group that would like to work with Daisy - how can we do so?

Daisy is open to collaborations! If you are an NGO, or an organization that would like to supply our sanitary napkins at a menstrual hygiene camp, please visit our contact us page or reach out to us on our social media pages.